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 Read Me First!

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Hαηɗѕσмє Lєgιση S2Ƙ
Hαηɗѕσмє Lєgιση S2Ƙ

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PostSubject: Read Me First!   Mon Apr 14, 2014 6:22 pm

This topic will talk about rules, and how to join the clan...

How to join:
Would you like to become a part of S2K? Apply Here!

1. Read The Rules FIRST! (yes, there will be a test)

2. Apply with the following:

Base Location(current):
When you're able to relocate:
Tell us about yourself:
Why you want to join S2K:

3. Answer this question: Describe what you feel is an honorable Vega Family (be as specific as you can!)

4. Good luck!

Rules for the clan
This document serves as the By-Laws for the clan. They are to be trusted and followed at all times as a "terms for agreement" when joining the clan.

Brothers and sisters of S2K, as a growing family, we are in need of some structure. We think this is a good thing because we can make a combined effort to define who we are and what we will do in certain situations. As such, we have taken (a lot of) time to design and refine a policy that outlines our standards. Most of you already know these or helped make them, but we need everyone to read and acknowledge them by liking or commenting below.

1) Always back S2K! It doesn't matter what we are accused of or what else is going on. We protect our own, always!

2) Never be afraid or too proud to ask for help. Someone will be able to help. At some point even the highest people in S2K need a hand from someone.

3) Talk out differences. We all come from different places and backgrounds. These varied views is one of ourgreatest strengths. Don't let them work against us.

4) Be respectful. We know we joke around... a lot. The banter is great! We still need to understand others have a bad day at times and curb our statements when someone is in need. We never hit one another unless there is an agreement. We do not steal other peoples resources, or any other such thing.

5) Let the admins deal with the drama! Don't worry about reports, or he said/she said. Ed, Gage, or Eric are always willing to solve problems or give direction. It's what they are there for and they have the contacts to get it done.

6) Personal life is not to interfere with the clan or the game, but is welcome for discussion with the intention of moral support. If personal life causes mayhem within the clan, you will be demoted, put on probation, or removed. Problems with other members can be addressed privately through communication with those who have the administrative right to reprimand members.

7) Please remember this is a game have fun n enjoy KICK THE TIRES N LIGHT THE FIRES

Cool We must abide by these By-Laws. If for some reason you can't, than either remove yourself or we will remove you from the S2K Membership.

Rules on the forum:
1. Please do not use offensive language. We are trying to keep a steady community
2. No Pornography.
4. No racial comments or sending hate messages.
5. Ranks are given, so do not ask for them.
6. No spamming, period.
7. You cannot Impersonate Forum Staff

All rules are terms for suspension from facebook, these forums, and the clan as a first time warning. More than one offense is termination no questions asked.
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Read Me First!

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